14 + 2 Trailer Mounted Urinal

A classy option for speeding up toilet queues at festivals and other larger events. This trailer includes 14 urinals with two male toilets. The interiors are stylish and modern and the sinks have both hot and cold water.

Why Choose 14 + 2 Trailer Mounted Urinal

  • Hot and cold water sinks
  • Stylish and modern interiors
  • Can be either self contained or mains connected
  • Available with 2 gents toilets with china bowls

Technical Specifications


Floor Plans

14 + 2

The trailer consists of 14 urinals, 2 toilet cubicles and 2 sinks

Working in consultation to provide just what you need

We take a consultative approach to help you plan the infrastructure of a large event or site. We will provide you with valuable input from the word go to ensure that the hygiene side of your event or project is taken care of, leaving you to focus on other pressing matters.

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