If there’s one job that would test the mettle of any contactor out there, it’s the official marking of midnight celebrations in London. New Year's Eve 2020!

For over 15 years, Portable Toilets Limited has been the trusted supplier of all backstage and public sanitation at this showcase event.

From portable VIP toilet trailers for the Production compound, to over 700 portable toilets lining the streets all over London in different sized blocks, to the hundreds of urinal stations and accessible facilities, www.ptl.uk.com has it covered.

But London does not grind to halt and give us unlimited time to conduct this operation, the roads are back open and we have ultra-strict timings to stick to; which is where the professionalism and unwavering dedication to the task of our teams on the ground gives us the X factor!

Meticulously planned, to the minute, our site managers and drivers conduct the pickup with military precision, only after each and every unit has been emptied. Before anyone has really noticed that we’re in the 20’s, PTL has slipped in, done our job, and  exfiltrated without even a slight delay to the everyday operations of our busiest city.

Another job well done. Roll on 2020!