High Tech Event Loo

High Tech Event Loo Events Portable Toilet

Why People Love It?

  • Award winning design with warm grey interior keeps it looking clean.
  • Superior ventilation keeps unit fresh, even with high use and hot climates.
  • Hand sanitiser gel is included in the unit.

Why Choose High Tech Event Loo

  • Very popular at high-profile events such as pop concerts and festivals.
  • Grey interior hides dust and graffiti.
  • 200 litre tank with Pyramid Sump provides more coverage with less chemical and water use.
  • 4 heavy-duty plastic hinges which prevent warping and rusting.
  • Air vents, from bottom to top, pull clean air up for a fresher toilet.
  • 2-roll toilet paper dispenser means less maintenance and no more wasted rolls.
  • Rod & hinge corners eliminate need for fasteners with high-pressure resistance to prevent collapse.
  • Twin-sheet, molded, 1″ thick walls make this the strongest unit available and provide a separate exterior color
  • Heavy-duty skid designed for strength with air vents and washout ports on sides and crowned slip-resistant surface.
  • Mirror

Technical Specifications


Working in consultation to provide just what you need

We take a consultative approach to help you plan the infrastructure of a large event or site. We will provide you with valuable input from the word go to ensure that the hygiene side of your event or project is taken care of, leaving you to focus on other pressing matters.

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